Q: What’s a vegan?

A: A strict vegetarian, one who consumes no animal or dairy products of any type, excludes animal flesh (meat, poultry, fish and seafood), animal products (eggs and dairy), and usually excludes honey and the wearing and use of animal products (leather, silk, wool, lanolin, gelatin, etc.)

Q: Why vegan?

A: We don’t address that issue here. This site is exclusively about vegan food. We don’t care why.

Q: I’d like to learn more about veganism.

A: Please see our links.

Q: I’d like to submit a recipe to the database, how do i do this?

A: First, create a user account. Once this is done and you are logged in, click Recipes then click Add Recipe.

Q: I’m not vegan but would like to use and submit recipes anyway.

A: Vegan food? Great! We appreciate it.

Q: I’m trying to submit a recipe but a needed ingredient is missing.

A: Please add the missing ingredient to our database.

Q: I’d like to submit a restaurant to the database, how do i do this?

A: If you want to add a restaurant, create an account and add the restaurant. The restaurant will be included in our next update.

Q: I can’t modify an ingredient.

A: Currently, users can only add ingredients but not modify them. If you make a mistake that needs correcting, please email the editors.

Q: The shopping list doesn’t let me add everything i want.

A: You must be logged in to take full advantage of the shopping list.

Q: One of the recipes or restaurants in the database is not vegan (or) Some data is inaccurate and would like to see it changed (or) I found a mistake on the site (or) the shopping list gives incorrect measurements.

A: Good eye. Please email the editors.

Q: What is the underlying technology of this website?

A: We use a slightly modified PHPRecipeBook, an open source recipe and restaurant listing database.

Q: I’m a PHP programmer and i’d like to help.

A: Great! You can start by checking out PHPRecipeBook and downloading the source. If you are comfortable with it, email us with your proposed ideas and we’ll discuss the best way to integrate your features into Vegan World Order.

Q: What’s that strange animal character on your pages?

A: It’s a capybara, also known as the water pig. It’s the world’s largest vegetarian rodent. It is also our mascot. Linux has the penguin. Open Source has the gnu. Macintosh has the apple. We have the capybara.

Q: Why don’t you support the entire Metric System?

A: Currently, PHPRecipeBook does not adequately support conversion when it comes to multiple users editing the same recipe. Therefore, in order for the site to remain consistent, we have opted to support the Imperial System, Liters, Milliliters, and Grams. If you need to convert the values, use the Converter.

Q: Why do you only support french and english?

A: Because those are the languages we understand. We try to translate every single thing on this site. Supporting languages we don’t understand would result in bad translations. If you would like your language supported, we can send you all the files (PHP and HTML) that would require translation. If doing this work for free interests you, email us.

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